Fuvahmulah Island is located at the southernmost tip of the Maldives, near the equator, and is one of the few wild tiger shark observation sites in Asia. Fuvahmulah is a tuna processing center where fishermen dump fish waste in the water outside the harbour, attracting tiger sharks to stay there. There is almost a 99% guarantee that wild tiger sharks can be seen here. The difficulty of diving is not high, and there is a platform about 6-7 meters underwater where even novice divers can see tiger sharks. In addition, Fuvahmulah also has other rich marine life and dive sites, such as MANTA groups, thresher sharks, hammerhead sharks, etc., providing diving enthusiasts with a wide variety of choices. Whether you are a novice diver or an experienced diver, you can find a suitable dive spot on Fuvahmulah and enjoy the fun of diving.

BILHI and Farikede are common locations for hammerhead shark populations and tuna storms. Here, you can not only enjoy the spectacular scene of tuna hunting, but also have the opportunity to get up close with tiger sharks. Every year from March to May, the Oceanic Mantas come here for a cruise, where you can see them playing with the bubbles of divers. And from October to February of the following year, whale sharks also visit here, giving you the opportunity to see the exciting scene of whale sharks and tiger sharks in the same frame.

The Femunu Menu is a habitat for lobsters and reef sharks. Here, you can see groups of lobsters, large reef sharks hiding in caves with small reef sharks, creating a vibrant and fun underwater world.

Hudhekede's cleaning station for thresher sharks. These shy creatures often appear in water around 40 meters depth and often swim to diving areas to relax. Give you the opportunity to observe these mysterious, shy, and peculiar looking marine creatures up close.

Rivethi's hidden spot is the Sea Fan Garden. The diameter of the sea fans here can reach 2 meters, and the towering underwater cliffs are covered with sea fans, creating a spectacular scene. This is an ideal location that gives you the opportunity to appreciate the magnificent scenery of the underwater world.

At Fuvahmulah, we offer top-notch diving facilities and professional dive instructors, allowing you, whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, to find a dive course that suits you here. Our goal is to enable every diver to enjoy the pleasure of diving while safely and confidently diving. Welcome to contact us anytime for more course details. We look forward to exploring the mysterious underwater world with you!

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