Open Water


3 days

Advanced Open Water


2 days

Emergency First Response




Dive Master


Excluding registration fee and accommodation

Nitrox Specialty


EFR+Rescue Course


Deep Dive Specialty



Underwater Photography

Level 1


Theoretical swimming pool teaching


Underwater Photography

Level 2


5 open water dives



Two consecutive dives for 200$

15L large gas cylinder

18 USD/day


Maldives Fuvahmulah Tiger Shark Resort Diving Package

Open Water Course Schedule:

1. Dive theory (8 hours)

2. Confined water Skills: (1 day: maximum depth of 2.5 meters for pool training)

3. Open water Skills: (2 days, 4 dives to depths of 5-18 meters)

Learning requirements:

1. At the age of 10 or above, divers aged 10-14 will be certified as Junior Open Water Diver

2. Physically healthy, without any conditions or illnesses unsuitable for diving (see Diver Health Declaration for details)

Learning process:

1. After booking, we will send e-learning code for you to learn theory online. With e-learning, you don't need to sit in a classroom all the time. You are able to finish all the theory learning whenever you have time.

2. Confined water skills.

After finishing all the theory online, our dive instructors will take you in the water! In the swimming pool, you will learn all the skills you need for open water. Normally this will take a day.

3. Open water skills.

After passing the confined water skills assessment, we will hop on the boat and complete four open water diving practices. Upon passing, you finally get the key to see the 71% of the whole world!

Advance Open Water Course schedule:

1. Theoretical content learning

2. Open water learning assessment (2 days, 5 dives, 5-30 meters)

Learning requirements:

1. Holding Open Water Certificate

2. You can participate in all adventure dives at the age of 12 or above

Learning process:

1. Complete the theoretical course.

2. After passing the theoretical course assessment, the scuba review and diving skills assessment will be conducted during the trip

3. After the confined water skills assessment, we will arrange a dive trip to complete 5 open water dive practices and graduate successfully.

The course fee includes:

·PADI learning materials and theoretical courses

·Global PADI Diving Certificate Fee

·Equipment usage and diving fees for one-day practice in confined water

·All instructor fees for the entire course

·4/5 dives in two days in open water

The course fee does not include:

·Tiger Shark Retreat Package Fee (Accommodation, FD, Meal)

·All flight and ferry tickets

·Additional practice outside of the one-day course at the swimming pool

·Dive insurance (mandatory)

Disclaimer clause

1. Before diving, please confirm whether you are suitable for diving based on your health certificate. If you are unable to participate in the trip due to physical reasons, no refund will be issued. If you are late or do not participate in the trip due to personal reasons, no responsibility will be taken and no refund will be issued

2. If the diving itinerary is temporarily adjusted due to uncontrollable factors such as weather, everything shall be subject to the arrangement of the resort

3. Trip cancellations caused by force majeure such as traffic delays, strikes, weather, aircraft machinery malfunctions, flight cancellations or changes in time will not be refunded, but the travel schedule can be adjusted within six months. Any additional costs incurred (such as transportation, etc.) shall be borne by oneself


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