Meal Introduction
At Tiger Shark Retreat, our catering department is composed of chefs from Shunde, Guangdong, China and local chefs. Their cooking skills will bring you a unique culinary journey. Chinese chef's specialties include steamed grouper, Shunde Yusheng and seafood lobster Congee, which are traditional delicacies in Guangdong, China. During your free time diving to explore the underwater world, you can also experience China's culinary culture. Our local chef has fifteen years of experience in providing accommodation services and is proficient in local cuisine. For example, Kadeli, a traditional specialty dish in Maldives, is a soup made with Fuvahmulah's unique fish and onions. It has a delicious taste and leaves a lasting impression. In addition, they are also skilled in making curry, which is also a specialty dish of local chefs. In addition, we have prepared romantic beach barbecues and Chinese spicy hot pot for you. Under the moonlight, you can enjoy the beautiful sea view on the beach while enjoying delicious barbecue, tasting fresh seafood and grilled meat. If you enjoy spicy food, our Chinese spicy hotpot will surprise you. Various ingredients roll in the spicy hot pot soup base, allowing your taste buds to experience a unique culinary feast. At Tiger Shark Resort, we not only focus on your diving, but also on your travel life outside of diving, hoping that every meal you have can become an unforgettable experience.
Introduction to Meals
Meal Introduction

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